Astrology can be found interwoven into the philosophy of the Western Esoteric tradition from the earliest times.  It was practiced, debated, written about (and translated) by some of the greatest practitioners of the  West.

From its origins in Sumeria to the spread of astrological knowledge to both India and Greece, the techniques of working with the stars have found their way into the arts of alchemy, magic and ritual throughout the west.  Arabian scholars kept the early knowledge alive, transmitting it through Moorish Spain to the medieval world and from there into Renaissance Europe where some of its greatest practitioners were also steeped in the newly translated Hermetic writings.

Transformational Techniques will periodically offer both courses and seminars in astrology to students who seek to gain greater understanding of the the phrase “as above, so below) and its application to the other arts taught in the program.  While psychological astrology is familiar to most, new translations of classic texts have given a richer, more traditional viewpoint and understanding which is fully compatible with the Mystery school program and can easily be integrated into the courses in transformation of the self.