My Journey

So What is this website about? THE JOURNEY

When I originally wanted to name my website I wanted to call it “Transformational Technologies.” The guys who were helping me to build the site discouraged it because they felt it sounded too much like a techie site, and not about human growth potentials. Being a longtime student of Old English Literature I was reluctant to sacrifice the alliterative power of the double t, so transformational techniques it became. But marketing aside, the whole notion of technology is very different from techniques, and it is what this website is all about.

Techniques are tools you pick up to improve how you do something; a technology is a whole body of work. Humans have been struggling since we came out of our caves (or trees or spaceships or whatever) to figure out the world around us and the world within us. Technologies that help us to grow ourselves have been part of that slow climb up the evolutionary ladder—things like tantra, meditation, neidan, yoga, transcendental meditation and a wide variety of other esoteric traditions. What interests me is how all these systems, ancient and new, contribute to our ability to move ourselves from point A to point B. Today those ancient technologies are enriched by a whole new wealth of scientific knowledge about the brain, human development, quantum physics and more. The means we have to access different states of consciousness are both safer and more refined than the old methods of asceticism, suffering, drugs and ritual. We now have brain machines, isolation tanks, trance technologies of all sorts; we have workshops, self-help books and Channeled information from angels, aliens and other inter-dimensional beings.While the horizons seem infinite, how is one to separate the useful from the frivolous?

As someone who has studied magic and psychology most of my life, I find myself less and less interested in the “new age” phenomena of visions and channeled information and more and more interested in the grueling, sometimes boring work of how to create the self. How do I motivate myself, how can I restore and maintain vitality, how do I work with the circumstances of my life so that I can achieve equanimity no matter what is going on? I am not so interested in being psychic anymore as I am in being awake to the moment. I am less impressed by individuals who can levitate than I am by those who can have vitality at eighty years of age. The technologies to achieve real human growth exist in every culture, most religions and are generally simple, if you have the discipline to apply them (and there are even ways to create that discipline!).

So this is about all the ways I have explored how to create a longer, healthier life, a more free and untroubled consciousness and yes, even magic. My own journey has taken me down many interesting roads and at times far off the beaten track, but what I have come down to in the end is the belief that the limits of what we can create are only in our minds. In this website I have many hours of experiential work that I hope you will explore, because experience is really where it is all at. If you can’t make your life work then you just haven’t found the right technology and applied enough effort. “The proof is in the pudding” as they say; I always find it mysterious as to why others are impressed by the occult powers of individuals who can’t make their finances or their personal lives work. This website has 30 years of my work –lectures, classes, experiments that worked (and some that didn’t). Much of it will be free and is my gift to you, and to the world. Pass it on!

Another reason for this website is to share in the exciting process of developing links to other-dimensional beings. This is, I think, vital work. As we are progressing into climate changes that threaten the health of much of the animal and plant life of this planet , I believe it is critical that we work with the planetary devas that help life here to evolve and adjust. Call them devas, fairies, elementals or lesser gods, by whatever name these are powerful beings and we need their help, and they need ours, if we are to weather the coming times. My own ongoing 26 year experiment in communicating and cooperating with these beings at our sacred center of Glastonbury, Indiana, has produced a body of work and a number of interesting earth based energy devices that help people to connect to these forces. I have borrowed freely from Shamanic and Native traditions from around the world to explore and create this interesting body of work. Much of the results can be found in the “Mystery School” section of the site.

I was initiated at the age of 21 into the Hermetic tradition in a lodge that combined the Gardnerian wiccan stream with the Golden Dawn lineage as passed by William Butler to my initiator. Years of study of this old “perennial philosophy of the west” is reflected in the recorded lecture series on Hermeticism, as well as tapes on the Tarot, Qabala and numerous lectures in the Mystery School section. Hermetic thinking informs all of my work. It is a practical science of the mind that stretches back into ancient Eygpt, is reflected in Qabala, some strains of Gnosticism, Sufism and the Christian and Rosicrucian forms. In the archives you can find lectures on the history of this movement, as well as some of its vital exercises. I especially recommend the lectures on the Golden Verses of Pythagorus (which will give you our ethical stance) and the lectures on The Kybalion (which provides the general overarching principles). In the last 25 years I have also become a student of Taoism, which I believe is the eastern twin to Hermeticism. Much of my later work combines and compares these two streams. An interesting article on this work can be found in the book Internal Alchemy, where I wrote the last chapter on the parallels between the two traditions.

Ok, I just turned 61, and now I am interested in what it means to lead a vital life. Actually, why not really out myself? I’m interested in immortality! Some weeks I’m not sure if I really want to live forever, in fact living out the week is challenging, but mostly I can’t help but be fascinated by this body of work called Neidan by the Taoists and Internal Alchemy by Hermeticists. As I get older I find that as I master more fields of knowledge that it both becomes easier to learn new fields, and the cross linkages between bodies of knowledge creates an ability to make leaps of intellect – those moments we all love when the big AHA! arrives and our brain delivers a burst of endorphins in homage to the moment. What a rush! What if I could continue learning and integrating knowledge for another 30 years, or 100 years, or several hundred? Both Hindu and Taoists sources make mention of humans who have lived for hundreds of years (and so does the Bible), and there are existing systems of practices to attain immortality.

If nothing else, as long as I’m living here why not be as healthy and vital as possible? As one of my favorite immortals, Leonard Orr, says “As long as you’re alive, you’re immortal!” My own thought is that I am going to be an immortal or die trying.

I had played with these practices from the time I was thirty, mostly Mantak Chia’s works and other Eygptian practices I learned from my teacher Robert Masters. A big part of this also involved tantric work with my husband, John Northage. In my fifties I became really interested, and began weekly classes which I taught at my center that began to deepen my practices in very interesting ways. Four years into this and I experienced the return of my menstrual cycles, after seven years of menopause. My body seemed to be getting younger, my brain was clearer, and the adventure was to see just how far I could push it. I studied some more, mostly in a Southern Chinese Tantric tradition, and intensified my own meditations. A decade later I find this work totally absorbing. Many of the exercises and practices can be found in the Neidan section of this site. Have at them!! Don’t do the normal thing and euthanize yourself through bad living habits – instead Youthenize yourself!
And while I am not going to do any of those facial or body surguries, why look or feel any older than you want if there are healthy ways to live otherwise?

People often ask me about Tantra, and what I mean by calling myself a tantrica. Being tantric is a way of life, and an important part of my immortality practices. While one can work at immortality when on a celibate or ascetic path, sex is a lot of fun and I think channeling sexual energy is one of the easiest ways to raise large amounts of Qi (energy) quickly and in abundant levels. Working with a partner is definitely the most entertaining way to do it, but tantric work can be done solo as well if one has the inclination and self-love to do it. What it involves is using sexual energies to revitalize the physical self. It is also a sacred art, one that focuses on perceiving the self and the other as divine, and the sexual act as a recreation of the creation of the cosmos. In addition to the emphasis on a powerfully loving and positive interaction, it involves a deep knowledge of the practical aspects of human physiology, sexual response and the willingness to be open to very intense physical and emotional experiences. One important area of overlap between Tantra and the Immortality traditions is that both have exercises that are crucial to healthy sexual functioning for both men and women. Exercises such as the Jade Egg exercises (for strengthening the pelvic floor in women), the breast exercises, and ovarian and testicular breathing can be found on the site under Neidan. I will be including some discussions of the Jade Stem exercises as we go on.

The least glamorous and arguably the most important segment of my work is the work called Psychophysical Re-education. (I sure wish I could find a glitzy name for it). This work is derivative of the work of Moshe Feldenkreis (Feldenkreis work) as it was transmitted to me by Dr. Robert Masters. I first became a teacher in my early thirties but it wasn’t until I was older that I fully appreciated the physical aspects of the work. I have done yoga since the age of 14 and have enjoyed a flexible, mobile body most of my life, but like most of us I started to have more aches and pains as I entered into my fifth decade. On a beach vacation in Mexico I decided that there was really no reason why I couldn’t do an hour of the floor work every day, and embarked upon a mini-class with my son’s girl friend and a guest. Several days later I found a small class was showing up every day at the beach. By the end of the week, I felt no pain anywhere. By the end of the two weeks I felt like I was in my thirties again. Thus began the twice a week classes at the center that I have been leading for a decade. If you need a better range of movement in any joint, more flexability, a body that looks and feels younger then the floor exercises are absolutely the place to start. Many of them are in audio form, and we are currently producing video ones as well. Just pop them in and sit or lay down and follow along. You will see change in a single session!

Psychophysical work is about much more than just physical ease however. It is also about the other, subtler bodies. (Check out the Mystery School lectures on The Five Bodies). It is about the interface between all the parts of our Body/Mind complex, and about how to sense and image more accurately. It is about becoming fully embodied, and about how to utilize all the levels of our Self. Ultimately it is another version of the immortality work. The higher levels of the work involve trance techniques and you will find many older tapes of the Mind Games series that reflect early attempts on my part to teach this work. There are also many of the trance segments in this current year’s Mystery School.

What is Mystery School, you may ask? Well, basically it is whatever is evolving in my work that is catching my interest, enacted by an intrepid group of fellow journeyers who are willing to take on my experiments. It is also a community of learning, where we share our own personal snags and successes, what illuminates us and what inspires us, all in the context of the seasonal tides. If you have an interest there are a variety of ways to participate. Let us know and we will see what works for you.

It has been a mindblowing journey, these last 40 years! And I look forward to more of them, hopefully shared with all of you. In Hermeticism we believe that all individuals who follow any sincere spiritual path are linked in a great brotherhood/sisterhood of light. So I salute you all, who share the path of Light!

Althea Meryt Sekhmet