What you’re saying about us:

I’ve been studying with Althea for over a decade. I’ve been meditating for over 15 years, and doing mind-body practices for a couple decades. Althea’s fascinating in that she’s incredibly gifted in many areas. I lost the use of my leg from drop foot, and someone she trained in Structural Therapy bodywork gave me the use of my leg back. I take her Psychophysical Reeducation classes and it’s helped me with different pains I’ve had from football injuries and other assorted things. As a result of the classes I generally have a feeling of well-being in my body and am more connected in my body than ever before.

I’ve been taking the Taoist classes with her now for 6 months and have been having incredible experiences, including more energy, more creativity, I’m taking in much more information with my sight including more detail and seeing further, and colors and lights are much brighter. I could go on and on. It’s all fascinating, but the Taoist work is amazing me right now. I tried to learn it from other places for over a decade, but Althea’s able to trouble shoot and help me learn where I’m getting stuck. She’s an incredibly gifted healer.

Jeff Gilbert ~ Chicago
March 6, 2012