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Gateway to Life

Transformational Techniques is dedicated to providing the tools to help people explore the multidimensional capabilities of the human mind so that each and every one can capitalize on their unique gifts. Using a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies, Transformational Techniques offers custom educational techniques that are tailored to each individual’s beliefs and goals. Combining ancient philosophies and cutting-edge sciences, Transformational Techniques uses practical methods suited for today’s world to transform the body, mind and spirit.

Ancient philosophies

Both Eastern and Western traditions have developed religious and philosophical systems for evolving human development. Transformational Techniques draws upon the practices of Taoism and Hermeticism; Shamanic traditions and practices; the Vedic tradition of India; and other indigenous native traditions. We at Transformational Techniques are interested in respectfully presenting the common threads and the practical uses that these practices have for self-development. All the exercises and practices discussed on Transformational Techniques are actively used by the authors, and are a part of their daily living experience.

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